Olympen golf 2021

Idrott at Olympen is one of our favourite subjects for students & staff alike. We have a program and approach that gives each and every student from F – ÅK 6 the possibility to reach their full potential in a fun and engaging manner.

Giving students the opportunity to try as many different sports as possible at an early age drastically helps their development as shown in “Åldersanpassad fysisk träning för barn och ungdom” by Tonkonogi, M. & Bellardini, H. (2012)

One of the sports our students get to try is golf.  We took our older grade 4 – 6 students to Årsta Golf during the week and everyone had a fantastic day!  During our visit there we were complemented on how well the students presented, applied, tried and improved.  To have pro golfers complement your students on how well they are doing is testament to the fact that we have a fantastic student body here at Olympen with extremely high potential.

A great day, and great work to all of our åk 4- 6 students!

Paul Cousins

Idrott & Slöjd