Focus on language development and movement at the Svea Torn preschool

The Olympen preschool at Svea Torn has one the largest yards in Stockholm and is located in beautiful surroundings where the children can play and move. This setting provides plenty of opportunities to work with our unique profile – Learning by Moving and language development.

– At the preschool Svea Torn we just love to move! Part of our staff are swimming teachers who organize swimming classes once a week during fall and spring. Once a week we exercise at the gymnasium at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH). Part of our staff are licensed in the Les Mills dance-classes which we organize once a week for 2-5 year olds, says the director Ann Weinefalk enthusiastically.

Children are challenged with different activities

Ann Weinefalk is thrilled to offer the children swimming classes and gymnastics eight times every semester. The gymnasium at GIH is well kept and in excellent condition, and since it is a university college the children are excited to go there – it makes them feel like grown ups! The children learn how to take responsibility by bringing and changing to their own athletics clothes. In the gymnasium they are challenged with gymnastics, climbing, hanging and crawling in various exercises.

Apart from having Les Mills-licensed staff, Olympen also have an employed danceteacher who visit the Svea Torn preschool once in while. Children of all ages at Svea Torn are thus presented with numerous occations of dance and movement.

– When children listen to music they will dance, it is a natural reaction. This is why we enjoy working with movement and music also at the nursery school where children are no more than two years of age. We play with music, rhythm and instruments, smiles Ann Weinefalk.

One of the largest playgrounds in Stockholm

The playground at our preschool Svea Torn is one of the largest yards in the city of Stockholm and offers several opportunities for outside activities and learning through playing. Our staff organizes games in the afternoon play time playing soccer and hide and seek. When there is snow they go sledding in the slope on our yard. Wintertime the children also go iceskating at Östermalms sportsfield.

– Every day should be an adventure for the children! And moving is indeed an adventure. When children move, they explore and discover. It is also a great joy to move. They have fun doing it, and if they move a lot they will have a lot of fun! blinks Ann Weinefalk.

Children who are given the opportunity to move will have a better concentration and suddenly they will enjoy doing things they would normally consider boring. Ann also points out that small children need to move since they grow and explore the world in a very physical manner. Moreover, it is important for children to learn to move early in life.

– The atmosphere at Svea Torn is best described as cheerful harmony! Plus, the children are very healthy and seldom sick. I think we can credit this to our consistent profile with movement and activities.

Bilingual groups with English

At Olympen Svea Torn, there is also a strong focus on the language. The preschool offers one bilingual group with English and one native English teacher although all staff has a strong command of the English language. The preschool is also characterized by an international spirit with children representing several different nationalities.

– Our bilingual group naturally has a strong focus on the English language, but also in our native Swedish groups we offer playful English for all children. Even at nursery school we introduce English rhymes, numbers, etc for the Swedish speaking children, continues Ann Weinefalk.

The preschool also uses iPads, music and songs to encourage the childrens language development, and two teachers participate in the Stockholm City Library project for language development. The teachers then present the latest news and research on language development for the rest of the staff at Svea Torn.

– At Svea Torn, we offer a broad variety of activities both indoors and outdoors, but we consistently work with our profile Learning by Moving and language development. Combined with our health focus and the tasty, home-made meals from Olympens own kitchen, we offer a very special kind of preschool. We can tell that parents appreciate our uniqueness, because of the great interest and queue to Svea Torn, summarizes Ann Weinefalk.