Welcome to our bilingual preschool and Junior High School

Olympen Schools and Preschools offer preschools and compulsory schools combining the English and Swedish language.

In our bilingual preschools, part of our staff is native English. In our Swedish groups, all children are being introduced to playful English with music that teaches rhythm and rhymes so the children may learn the flow of the language in a fun way with movement.

Learning by Moving

Olympen promotes children’s development and learning processes with our own profile Pedagogik i Rörelse, which translates to Learning by Moving. We strongly believe that children’s learning processes are more effective when the pedagogical activities are combined with movement such as games, dance, yoga, gymnastics and soccer. Health is also an important area which we focus on by using our own kitchen for home-cooked, healthy food to improve the quality and nutritional value of the meals served at school and preschool. Our own chef’s are also conscious to use organic foods whenever possible, and our chef’s avoid processed food and sugar.

Please visit our Open House beginning Monday 1st February, and enroll at www.olympen.se.

Welcome to our Open Houses at Olympen Schools and Preschools:

Svea Torn – Östermalm

A generous playground and bilingual groups Swedish/English
Preschool Eng/Swe or Swedish, and Compulsory School F-3, Eng/Swe
Day: Tuesday 23rd February, 5.30-7.30 pm
Address: Jungfrugatan 51-53

Director: Ann Weinefalk
Phone: 073-650 32 52
E-mail: ann.weinefalk@olympen.se

Olympens förskola Svea Torn

Compulsory School, Grades 4–9

Day: Monday 1st February, 6-8 pm or
Monday, 22nd February, 6-8 pm
Principal: Mia Tiger
E-mail: mia.tiger@olympen.se

Ruddammen – Östermalm

A smaller preschool close to green areas and with native Swedish groups.
Preschool, Swedish and playful English

Olympens förskola Ruddammen, Engelska parken

Day: Wednesday 24th February, 5.30-7.30 pm
Address: Stickelbärsvägen 3B
Director: Ann Weinefalk
Phone: 073-650 32 52
E-mail: ann.weinefalk@olympen.se

Olympen – Telefonplan

Compulsory School Grades F-9, Bilingual Swe/Eng

Olympens förskola och grundskola vid Telefonplan

Day: Saturday 6th February, 1-3 pm
Tuesday 23rd February, 6-8 pm
Address: Flygelgatan 1
Principal: Thomas Andersson
Phone: 073-544 66 68
E-mail: thomas.andersson@olympen.se

Bilingual preschool with English and Swedish
Day: Friday 19th February, 9.30-11.30 am
Saturday 20th February, 10-12 am
Adress: Flygelgatan 1

Director: Mia Lithell
Phone: 070-3311250
E-mail: mia.lithell@olympen.se

Olympen – Älvsjö gård

A smaller, bilingual preschool with arts.

Olympens förskola Älvsjö Gård

Day: Saturday 6th February, 12 am – 2 pm
Saturday 20th February, 12 am – 2 pm
Address: Älvsjögårdsväg 3-9

Director: Annette Johansson
Phone: 070-5853421
E-mail: anette.johansson@olympen.se